Where to go, Who to call

talk to someone about a problem the PPS Office (815) 462-2222
see my counselor the PPS Office (815) 462-2222
get a copy of my schedule the PPS Office (815) 462-2222
get my locker combination the SSO Office (815) 462-2180
purchase a new id card the AV Office (815) 462-2170
pick up an item that was dropped off for me the Main Office (815) 462-2100
meet someone that is picking me up early the Attendance Office (D124) (815) 462-2179
see the nurse the Health Center (E101) (815) 462-2260
report an item that is missing the SSO Office (D124) (815) 462-2180
purchase a PE uniform the PE Department Chairperson (A105) (815) 462-2317
purchase a PE swimsuit the Aquatic Center Lobby (A114) (815) 462-2326
report a locker problem the SSO Office (D124) (815) 462-2180
ask a question regarding buses the SSO Office (D124) (815) 462-2180
turn in a Doctor’s note the Attendance Office (D124) (815) 462-2179
sign up for tutoring the PPS Department (E100) (815) 462-2222
sign up for intramurals the Director of Student Activities (D123) (815) 462-2184
find out about Athletic events Athetlics Office (fieldhouse lobby) (815) 462-2320
get a question answered about something not on this list the SSO Office (D124) (815) 462-2180

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