• 4-year plan information available on counselor’s Teams page
  • Course Selection Presentations during PE/ROTC/Health
  • Elective choices submitted by all students through this website
  • Students meet with their counselor to finalize course recommendations and elective selections
  1. Course placements for English, math, science, social science, world language and PE/ROTC will be entered by each student’s current teachers. Please speak with your teacher if you want to move levels.
  2. Starting on January 13, students will be able to click on their link (listed on the left) to select their elective choices for the 21-22 school year. This will be due no later than January 24.
  3. Prior to this, students should review graduation requirement and post-high school plans, such as college or university requirements for admissions.
  4. Course descriptions are available at Lincoln-Way Course Descriptions.
  5. Counselors will meet with students, starting at the end of January, to confirm class request.