P.P.S. at Lincoln-Way Central


Mailing Address:

Lincoln-Way Central High School
1801 E. Lincoln Highway
New Lenox, IL 60451


Mrs. Deb Williams – 815-462-2237 – dwilliams@lw210.org


**Please allow 24-48 hours to process transcripts**


*What we need from you:
· Your name (include maiden name)
· Birth date
· Graduation year
· Name and address of the college or employer to where you need the transcript sent
· $5.00 per official transcript
· Your phone number

***An Unofficial transcript can be requested with no charge – same steps apply.

4 Ways to ORDER a Transcript:
· E-Mail
1. E-Mail request to dwilliams@lw210.org
2. Either attach a completed Transcript Request form or list items from the above “What we need from you” list.
3. Mail transcript fee to address above. Once we receive payment we will mail the transcript.

· Fax
1. Fax a request for official transcript to (815) 462-2512, remember to include
the information from above*.
2. Mail transcript fee to the address above. Once we receive payment we
will mail the transcript.

· Mail
1. Write to us with your request including the items from above*.
2. Mail transcript request and fee to address above. Once we receive your request and payment we will mail the transcript.

· In Person (Please call ahead to avoid waiting)
1. Come to the Registrar’s office room E124.
2. Show a picture ID/Driver’s License.
3. $5.00 per Official Transcript requested.
4. Fill out and sign a Transcript Request form.

Graduate – Proof of Graduation

· If you do not have your original high school diploma and need proof that you graduated, you can request a confirmation of graduation letter by calling or emailing the Registrar’s office.
· This can be done at no charge to you, but please call ahead to avoid waiting. There is a 48-hour wait time for processing.

Graduate or Current Student: Request Immunization Records
· Please call first or email your request.
· We need your name (maiden name), date of birth, and graduation year.
· Immunization records can be picked up in the Registrar’s office.
· We can fax record to a doctor’s office or student health service office ONLY – please provide us with the office name, contact name, fax and office phone number.

Current Students: Report Cards / Progress Reports

· If you did not receive your student’s report card or progress report in the mail please call or email the Registrar’s office.
· Parent Passwords for the “MY STUDENT” link can be obtained by calling the HELP line at (815) 464-4357 (HELP).

Current Students: Moved? Need to Request an Address Change

· Please call first or email your new address information to us.
· We will need 3 Proofs of Residency stating your new address. Approved Items include:

Electric Bill Home Insurance Declaration Closing Statement
Gas Bill Occupancy Permit  
Water Mortgage Statement  
Rent Receipt Rental/Lease Agreement  


* These Items can be faxed to , Registrar.

Current Student: To Withdraw A Student

· Please call the Registrar’s office FIRST.

· The student’s residential parent/legal guardian is required to sign a RECORDS RELEASE.

· We will need to know the student’s last full day of attendance. Student will be responsible to clean out their main locker and PE locker. All personal items left in their lockers will become the property of Lincoln-Way 10 days after the withdraw date – so please make sure you retrieve all personal items.

· All textbooks and/or Library books need to be returned to the Registrar’s office to avoid obligation fees.

· Unofficial Records (to include unofficial transcript, 9th grade physical, student’s current schedule, withdraw grades, and ISBE-Student Transfer Form for Illinois public school only) will be provided. This information will provide you with the necessary information to enroll your student in his/her new school.

· If your student has an IEP and is in need of Special Services records please call District 842 (CO-OP) at (815) 806-4600 to request records.

· OFFICIAL RECORDS will be mailed when we receive a Records Request from your student’s new school, all current teachers have completed student’s withdrawal form, and all obligations are paid in full.

New Student Enrollment
· Welcome to the Lincoln-Way district! Please make sure which high school campus area your home is located in – if there is any doubt, your realtor or builder should be able to assist you. Please call the Registrar’s office, 815-462-2237, for further information on how to enroll your student.

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