Dr. Monica Schmitt, Lincoln-Way West Principal As we prepare for the opening of school, I ask each of you to share in our mission of "maximizing the academic and social growth of all our students." We firmly believe all students have the ability to become successful - to learn, to grow and to become productive citizens equipped to face the challenges of a global world.

Our staff - the secretaries, the bus drivers, our cafeteria personnel, our maintenance team, the administration and our fine faculty - all share this vision. I ask our parents to become partners with us by emphasizing our expectations for your sons and daughters as students of Lincoln-Way West.

You can share in our vision by promoting the four pillars of a Lincoln-Way West Warrior: Wisdom, Honor, Courage and Respect.

Our students share in the quality of Wisdom by coming to school prepared to learn. Preparation means getting to bed at a time that allows for students to get a full 8 hours or more of sleep. Courage challenges our students to explore the clubs, sports and activities and have the determination to follow through with that type of commitment. Honor brings students to face their responsibilities. For example, a Lincoln-Way Warrior is a young adult who no longer will look for excuses but accept the fact that his or her actions will shape the future. Finally, Respect shows our students that although we have differences as a community of learners, we are all equal. No one person is better than the next. We treat each other with that respect - face to face, on the internet, on the phone, in the hallways and at all academic and social events. This is our vision. These are our expectations. We need to all work together to make this school year a memorable one.

Welcome to West!

Dr. Monica Schmitt