March Menus

The Board of Education and taxpayers have provided excellent kitchens and cafeterias for the students. The meals are served at actual net cost, and the extra funds received from the state or federal government are used to reduce this cost. The lunch program was devised in order to provide wholesome and well-balanced meals. The student body is expected to be courteous and mannerly, with proper respect for friends and teachers. The following policies and regulations are necessary in order to accommodate the student body without delays and inconveniences:

  • All meals will be paid for in cash or by using the student's ID card account. No checks or credit cards allowed. The cafeteria cashiers will not accept currency in denominations greater than $20.
  • All eating and drinking shall be confined to the cafeteria. All food and beverage must be consumed in the cafeteria while seated at a table with a tray.
  • Since some classes are in continuous operation during the lunch hours, students are required to pass to the eating areas in an orderly fashion, and must be in the cafeteria when the bell rings. Students must remain in the designated cafeteria areas for the duration of the lunch period. No student is allowed to enter any hallway prior to the dismissal bell. Students are also not allowed to go into the gymnasium or locker rooms during lunch periods.
  • Students shall return trays, dishes, utensils and garbage to the window opening into the kitchen or to the designated area.
  • Any accident or dish breakage should be reported to the kitchen helpers and a breakage fee will be assessed. Students are expected to help clean up and keep the eating areas presentable.
  • Students cutting into lunch line will be given detentions and/or denied certain lunch privileges.
  • Theft of cafeteria utensils or materials will be treated in a manner consistent with the policy concerning theft.
  • Any student throwing food, paper, or other items, may be assigned detentions/ suspensions and placed in an assigned eating area.
  • Students who have been determined by school officials to have created unsanitary or unhygienic conditions through improper use of food or paper items will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Students will be expected to pay for any food carried through the lunch line.
  • Vending machines shall be used during lunch hours, before, or after school only. Students are not to use vending machines during passing periods.
  • The school will not accept deliveries of fast food, pizzas, etc. for student lunches. Only sack lunches prepared at home or lunch money in a sealed envelope will be accepted for delivery to students.