Quick Notes from the Board Meeting
Quick Notes from the Board Meeting

At the Board of Education meeting held on Thursday, October 23, 2014, the board:

  • • Heard information presented on the 2014 levy proposal. The total property taxes to be levied are $77,094,037. The proposed 2014 levy is only 0.6 % more than the average levy for the last five years and slightly more than one-half of the Consumer Price Index (CPI). In addition, the board was reminded that levying a certain amount does not guarantee that the district will receive the amount requested. The final official Equalized Assessed Valuation for the district, the prior year’s extension, new property values, the adjusted tax rate, and the CPI all help determine the amount of local property tax dollars that the district will receive.

  • • Approved a resolution authorizing the sale of the District owned property at 191st Street and Harlem Avenue in Tinley Park through a sealed bid process. Bid opening on December 5, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. Parameters of the sale include: minimum bid price of $5.9 million; security deposit with bid of $100,000; and closing within 18 months.

  • • Approved the purchase of a new student information system and financial management system as part of a board goal.

  • • Heard information that it appears we have received a reprieve from Senate Bill 16. Superintendent R. Scott Tingley told the board that there is no question that education funding will continue to be a hot topic in Springfield in the coming months. District 210 will actively participate in those discussions both locally and in Springfield, as it is essential that the policy makers hear from high-achieving, low- spending school districts. Thank you to those who got involved. Lincoln-Way District 210 will continue to be part of the process.

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