Lincoln-Way partners with SMART grid project for a second year
Monday, December 11, 2017

SMART grids are back at Lincoln-Way. Lincoln-Way Central and Lincoln-Way East Science are hosting SMART homes and SMART grids from the Center for Math, Science, and Technology at Illinois State University.

The smart grid project is the opportunity to improve electrical infrastructure and be energy conscious. These traveling activities sponsored by grant money provide schools in Illinois the opportunity to include concepts of electricity, energy conservation, and better their science curriculum. The materials will be traveling from Lincoln-Way Central to Lincoln-Way East.

"The hands-on experience gained by the students was wonderful. Students became more environmentally and economically aware and responsible today," says Mrs. Catherine Sieber.

The Physical Science curriculum at Lincoln-Way embraced the partnership with CEMAST (Center for Mathematics, Science, and Technology) as this is the second year working together. At Lincoln-Way Central, Mrs. Sieber’s and Mr. Balluff’s classes had the chance to pass challenges on being more energy efficient and design electricity flow from the grid to various homes, factories, and buildings.

"The activities gave a chance for students to truly understand how electricity gets from one place to the next. It is not a direct path but a series of steps," states Mr. Eric Balluff.