Lincoln-Way West students participate in annual Bridge Building Competition
Wednesday, January 10, 2018

In mid-December, Lincoln-Way students from all three schools began participating in the annual Bridge Building Competition. Students placed weight onto each bridge to test its strength, allowing the contest to recognize individuals who could best design, construct and test the most efficient bridge within given specifications. Efficiency is determined by dividing the mass held by the mass of the bridge.

At Lincoln-Way West, 100 bridges from students in all grade levels were tested.

The first place Warrior winner was Jack Taylor. Taylor’s bridge had an efficiency of 2244. The efficiency number of 2244 indicates that the bridge held 2244 times its own mass. Students who took second through fourth place were: Ben Radeke (1915 efficiency), Hunter Lash (1691 efficiency) and Sam Stencel (1615 efficiency). Radeke, only a sophomore, has placed as a top four finisher both years that he entered the competition. All four students will advance to the Regional Bridge Competition which will be held at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) on January 23, 2018.

“There were so many good bridges this year. Many students put in a great deal of time, which showed in their design and their craftsmanship,” said science teacher Chester Szmurlo. He continued, “It was fun to see their startled reaction when their bridge, with a large load of nearly 100 pounds, would crash to the floor.”