Lincoln-Way Central Mathletes win Division Conference Final
Thursday, January 25, 2018

On Wednesday, January 24, the Lincoln-Way Central Mathletes won the Southwest Suburban Blue Division Conference Finals. The Knights took home 693 points against Lincoln-Way West’s 665 points. Central students won medals in all 15 areas of competition by earning two fourth place medals, three third place medals, four second place medals and six first place medals.

Seniors Alex Manka and Ben Bethke earned fourth place in their oral on graph theory with 37 out of 50 points. Senior Emily Parker and junior Kalei Bass earned second place in their oral on functions and graphs with 47 points. Freshmen Jay Parker and Ashvi Patel placed second in their matrices oral by scoring 48 points.

Knights placing first were the freshman graphs team of Anna Bethke, Nolan Cales, Michelle Mikos, Liam Papier, Jay Parker and Behrooz Shamsaddin; the sophomore linear functions team of George Burchfield, Jordan Carter, Matthew Flais, Jared Kreis, Danny McNulty and Chelsea Verheyen; the freshman/sophomore calculator team of Ryan Curran, Payton Eggert, Matthew Flais, Courtney Cagnolatti, Nolan Cales and Ashvi Patel; the freshman/sophomore group of Jared Kreis, Chelsea Verheyen, Jay Parker and Sarthak Shah; the junior systems of equations team of Kalei Bass, Jeremy Brown, Jonah Haskins, Ennis Lange, Behnam Shamsaddin and Michael Zhan; and the junior/senior group of Ben Zuraitis, Behnam Shamsaddin, Jonah Haskins and George Burchfield.

Lincoln-Way Central Mathlete President Emily Parker praised her team. “Way to go Mathletes!” she said. “I know we practiced hard for this win and you deserve it.”

The Knights now set their sights on a victory at the Regional Competition in late February.