Lincoln-Way East students Compete in High School Autonomous Vehicle Competition
Monday, April 15, 2019

Ritul Soni, Julian Lee, Charles Squires, Ethan Pacis, and Evan Rafol from Lincoln-Way East competed at MSI for Argonne's Automonous Vehicle Competition. The students had to complete a journal, answer a design Q&A, run the course, and talk to the press.

The Autonomous Vehicle Competition is structured and modeled after the engineering design cycle that Argonne engineers and scientists regularly practice. Teams were required to design and program an autonomous vehicle for a given task: that it can make its way through a maze-like obstacle course in the designated amount of time and with the least amount of human intervention. They are judged on their engineering design process, vehicle design, and vehicle performance. Teams applied mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer engineering concepts to create their autonomous vehicles.

“I am so proud of the effort, attitude, spirit and teamwork these boys displayed,” said sponsor Jami Voliva.