Lincoln-Way East AP Chemistry Hosts College Pennant Signing Day
Monday, June 1, 2015

Lincoln-Way East Advanced Placement Chemistry teacher April Richter hosted a special College Pennant Signing Day recently to recognize graduating seniors who will pursue a science field in college. Richters classroom walls are covered in college pennants that are signed by students who will attend those schools.

During the event, students sign the pennants, share about the major each will pursue, as well as how their decision was influenced.

Our East science teachers do a phenomenal job of inspiring students interest of careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields, said Richter. Our Advanced Placement classes strengthen students knowledge in STEM and provide them with a head start in their college coursework.

Students who participated in the College Pennant Signing Day include:

Jacob Anand, Loyola University, Biochemistry (PreMed)
Olivia Bauer, Miami University (Ohio), Biochemistry
Sabrina Bruozas, St. Louis University, Biochemistry (PreMed)
Allison Dolan, Mizzou University, Engineering (Undeclared)
Nick Ferracuti, University of Illinois, Engineering (Undeclared)
Joe Grigoletti, Purdue University, Computer Science
Tommy Hamilton, University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa), Biochemical Engineering (PreMed)
Cameron Harper, University of Alabama (Birmingham), Biomedical Science (PreMed)
Tanner Jach, Mizzou University, Chemical Engineering
Justin Johnson, Marquette University, Civil Engineering
Deji Olaleye, University of Illinois, Biochemistry (PreMed)
Rachel Twohig, St. Louis University, Physical Therapy
Michael Walsh, University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa), Mechanical Engineering
Samantha Schickel, St. Marys University, Biology (PreMed)
Katie Mysliewiec, University of Wisconsin (Madison), Biomedical Engineering (PreMm ed)
Ryan Zelenika, University of Iowa, Chemistry/Spanish (PreMed)
Tim Vyhnanek, University of Illinois, Electrical Engineering
Mark Schwartz, Iowa State University, Computer Science
John Rochon, University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa), Chemical Engineering
Jack Riley, Tulane University, Biomedical Engineering/Music Theory
Joel Porcaro, University of Illinois, Atmospheric Science
Kelsey Bailey, University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa), Chemical Engineering
Riley Murphy, University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa), Chemistry (PreMed)
Eric Mueller , University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa), Chemical Engineering
Devin McCahey, Iowa State University, Chemistry / Secondary Education
Julia Mauser, University of Wisconsin, Chemical Engineering
Hannah Lynn, Indiana University, Kinesiology
Val Lang, University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa), Mechanical Engineering
Maura Kenny, Illinois State University, Nursing
Amy Kawakami, Air Force Academy, Biology/Mechanical Engineering
Slawomir Jozwik, Iowa State University, Aerospace Engineering
Anant Joshi, Ohio State University, Biomedical Engineering
Kenichi Haynie, University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa), Biochemistry
Natalie Gevaudan, Miami University (Ohio), Kinesiology
Mia Corazzi, University of Illinois, Kinesiology/Cheerleading
Nick Cesario, Valparaiso University, Biochemistry
Cole Barnes, Ohio State University, Chemical Engineering
Holly Podborny, University of Illinois at Chicago, Biology
Kylie Rogers, University of Illinois at Chicago, Biochemistry
Jay Kettman, Iowa State University, Mechanical Engineering
Steve Mihajlovich, Elmhurst College, Kinesiology
Lexi Vanderlee, Carthage College, Chemistry (Pre-Pharmacy)
Rachel VanHuis, Indiana Wesleyan University, Nursing/Theology
Taylor Simmons, Simpson College, Chemistry
Meghan Richmond, Mizzou University, Biochemistry (PreMed)
Anna Pranckus, St. Ambrose University, Nursing
Megan Morrison, Eureka College, Biochemistry / Business (PreVet)
Nicole Melby, Drake University, Chemistry (Pre-Pharmacy)
Emily Karl, Loyola University, Chemistry
Sam Haupt, University of Illinois, Mechanical Engineering
Nathan Drewes, University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa), Chemical Engineering
Celia Deckelman, Maryville University, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Anthony DeGregorio, Sothern Illinois University, Chemistry (Pre-Pharmacy)
Alexis Craven, Ball State University, Chemistry (Pre-Pharmacy)
Paige Goesel, Lipscomb University, Chemistry (Pre-Pharmacy)
Nathan Rogers, University of Miami, Chemistry/Ecosystem Sci Policy
Emma Owczarzak, University of Iowa, Biomedical Engineering
Cristina Picciola, University of Iowa, Chemical Engineering
Tyler Burk, Ohio State University, Chemical Engineering
Sedona Cady, Ohio State University, Biomedical Engineering
Mark Brown, University of Illinois, Chemistry
Frank Godawski, University of Illinois at Chicago, Nursing

Students who took Advanced Placement Science, but will not pursue science as a major in college, include:

Vicki Buffone, Ball State University, Undecided
Andrew Hoyle, Loyola University, Visual Communications
Jesenia Kolimas, Illinois State University, Secondary Ed (English & Spanish)
Addison Kraft, Joliet Junior College, Undecided
Stephanie Zuccato, Bradley University, Public Relations/Marketing
Jessica Sheetz, Illinois Wesleyan University, Music Education/Spanish
Rohan Piska, Indiana University, Finance
Jackson Bax, University of Wisconsin (Madison) Finance (Pre-Law)
Trevor Mansmith, Western Washington University, Undecided
Bailey Ogalla, Texas Christian University, Marketing