Lincoln-Way Science Teachers Attend Renewable Energy Conference
Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Several Lincoln-Way Science teachers recently attended a Conference hosted by The Center for Renewable Energy at Joliet Junior College as part of their ongoing professional development initiatives to enhance STEM education and align curriculum to new learning standards.

We really enjoyed the conference and came away with free resources that will add to my Earth Science and Physics curriculum, said Maria Wilson, Lincoln-Way North Science Department Chair. It was also interesting to learn about a variety of green jobs that are available for students at all educational levels from a high school diploma to a masters degree.

For our department, we will be able to use the information and include it our courses like auto, construction, architecture and create units and labs that could help show how electricity is generated, transmitted, and the various ways to help reduce the emissions in those different classes, said Dan Moore, Lincoln Way East and North Agriculture & Industrial Technology Department Chair.

Lincoln-Way Science teachers have spent much of the past two summers aligning our curriculum to the challenges of the new Next Generation Science Standards the national expectations for all students to succeed in scientific thinking and problem-solving, said Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum Tim Reilly. Over the past month, 28 different instructors representing all four schools met for a total of 200 hours of planning, lesson development, and alignment work in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.