L-W East Students Celebrate Holiday Traditions from Around the World
Tuesday, October 20, 2015

About 60 Lincoln-Way East students in the schools International Club last week celebrated holiday traditions from countries around the world.

The International Club is comprised of students who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of different cultures in society. It is co-sponsored by World Language Department Chair Peg Bobber and Spanish teacher Laura Slusarski.

Students in the clubs executive committee provided presentations and led interactive activities about the holiday and culture they studied.

Student Renee Liden highlighted the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and led students in solving riddles and sampling moon cakes.

It is important for students to have a well-rounded world view that sees beyond the horizons of their own communities and American culture, said Bobber. Students really took to this project because it was a fun way to discuss what people in other parts of the world celebrate and why.

Sydney McAllister highlighted Japan Sport and Fitness Day, Kerigan McCallister presented about Belgium Royal Day, Tori Kristoff and Kyle Anderson had a serious discussion about Greeces Ochi Day as they chose what to stand up and say NO! to in America, and Anna Tarach took on Germanys St. Martins Day with song and lantern-making.