Lincoln-Way Welders Win at Local Competition
Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lincoln-Way Welders competed this past weekend at the Moraine Valley Community College High School Invitational Welding Contest.

"The contest is a way great way for my students to compare their learned skills against other students and other programs," stated Daymon Gast, Welding teacher at Lincoln-Way East and North.

Lincoln-Way had a total of 17 (7 From East/North and 10 from West/Central) students attend, and they represented students ranging from Sophomores to Seniors. They came from our Welding Occupations 1,2 and 3 courses.

"I am very proud of those who not only placed but also those who attended. It takes a lot courage to compete. Welding itself can be an intimidation, but having to go to a strange place and to have to use unfamiliar equipment to compete with is especially tough to do. For some it’s encouraging and for others, humbling," commented Gast.
Between the Lincoln-Way Welding Programs, LW took 13 of the 15 awards! Categories included SMAW, GMAW, OFC, Written Test and Overall winners.

Below are the results from North & East:

1st place in Shielded Metal Arc Welding - Dan Calibraro
1st Place in Gas Metal Arc Welding - aron Veirup
2nd Place in Oxy-Fuel Cutting - Aaron Veriup
3rd Place in Shielded Metal Arc Welding - Zack Stuglis
3rd Place in Written Test - Zack Stuglis
2nd Place Overall Finisher - Aaron Veirup

And here are the results from Central & West:

1st Place in Written Test - George Schaffer
2nd Place in Written Test - Jarid Tomnitz

1st Place in Oxy/Acy Cuttying - Jarid Tomnitz
3rd Place in Oxy/Acy Cutting - Vince Senese

2nd Place in Gas Metal Arc Welding - Adam DeVries
3rd Place in Gas Metal Arc Welding - Jarid Tomnitz

3rd place team trophy
1st place Overall Finisher - Jarid Tomnitz

"I tell my students to get as much experience welding as they can, contests help give them that experience. We attend 3-4 each year and that number seems to be growing. Students use these experiences as resume builders," Gast added.