East Boys Basketball Shoots Free Throws for Heroes
Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Lincoln-Way East Boys Basketball team raised $1483.50 for the Free Throw for Heroes (Helping American Military Families in Need) and Free Throws for Fight (Helping American Families Find Comfort and a Cure for Cancer).

Each athlete asked family and friends to pledge money for every free throw made, and each player shot fifty free throws.

“So if the player made 35 free throws, for example, he collected $8.75 from the person who may have pledged 25 cents a free throw,” explained Rich Kolimas, Varsity Basketball Coach at Lincoln-Way East.

Junior Dan Mulhollan raised the most money, $ 257.00, after making 37 free throws and collecting the donations from the people who pledged money.

After the event, Coach Kolimas remarked, "We often talk about battling hard on the court against an opponent. The Charity Stripe allows our players to participate in two more important battles, one for the fight to find a cure for cancer and another to help American military families in need. I am delighted to see our young men contribute in a small way to these causes."