L-W East Students Showcase Academic Excellence in 1920's Heroes Project
Thursday, February 26, 2015

The creativity and academic excellence of Lincoln-Way East students in Mr. Chris Olsons sophomore Advanced Placement U.S. History Course was on full display after students completed a 1920s Heroes/Icons Project. Students were tasked with identifying and researching a hero or icon from the Roaring Twenties, and creating a visual biographical collage of their heroes.

My ambition with this project was to give students the opportunity to connect with an iconic individual of the decade which best exemplifies the spirit of innovation, courage and heroism, said Olson.

The students selected the very best examples of human ingenuity across fields like aviation, science, sports, literature, music, art, and motion pictures.

Sophomore Brock Salgado said he selected Albert Einstein because he is one of the most important scientists of the 20th century. He said the project helped each student learn a lot about the character they selected.

Our society today in the 21st century is heavily rooted in identifying leaders and role models who emerge from middle and working class backgrounds, Olson said. We often take inspiration from these individuals who have achieved the American Dream and strive to live our own lies by the values of which they represent.

The 1920s greatly helped to establish the modern notion of hero and our students within their class presentations were able to better understand the importance of these groundbreakers to the history of the 20th century.

Student Mac DAmico selected Jack Dempsey because he is someone he heard of and didnt know a lot about, but he wanted to learn more about him. DAmico said Jacks real name is William but he stood in for his brother during a fight and adopted the name Jack for the remainder of his career.

I enjoyed this project because I liked researching Jack Dempsey and I enjoyed listening to the other students presentations to hear about what their figures had done in the 1920s, DAmico said.

I was especially excited for this project because the 1920s is my favorite century because of the ambience, rebelliousness and jazz music, said Sebastian Khattabi who chose jazz icon Duke Ellington.