Lincoln-Way East alumni headed for PGA TOUR
Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lincoln-Way East alumni, Brian Bullington, has had a busy summer.

Bullington graduated from Iowa in May of 2015, where he played Division I golf and also earned his business degree. Before college, Lincoln-Way East golf coach Ryan Pohlmann was fortunate enough to have Bullington join his varsity team. Bullington was a four-year varsity player, and a three-time state qualifier.

Bullington speaks highly of his time at Lincoln-Way East and credits Pohlmann’s excellent coaching in his development as both a player and a person. “He was always very supportive. He was very good at helping me develop on the course and as a person. He did and continues to do a great job,” says Bullington.

After graduating from Iowa, Bullington secured a position on the PGA TOUR Latinoamérica. In the spring of 2016, he played in seven tournaments--a number that Bullington says will “jump to 10 or 11 this fall.”

Bullington says, “Seeing all the different countries and all the different cultures is one of the best parts. In the spring, I think I went to seven or eight different countries over a span of four months. I’m 22 years old, I’m playing a game that I really love for my job, and I get to see all of these different countries. It’s very cool to travel and see the world at my age.”

Bullington received a sponsor’s exemption and will compete this week at the PGA TOUR's 2016 John Deere Classic in Silvis, Illinois. Bullington looks forward to the event, and his former Lincoln-Way East coach looks forward to watching. “He’s an all-around great kid,” says Pohlmann. “He’s the kind of kid everyone would like to have as their own son. He’s worked extremely hard to be able to follow his dream.”

It’s not only Pohlmann who thinks highly of Bullington. It’s clear that his feelings of admiration are reciprocated from his former player. Bullington says, “We still have a great relationship and he still keeps in contact. He still texts me after all of my good rounds and after all of my bad rounds. We’ve moved from him being my coach; now it seems like we’re good friends. I still feel very confident going to him and seeking advice, and I love staying close to the Lincoln-Way East program. He’s had a huge impact on my life.”