Lincoln-Way High Schools begin the 2016-2017 school year
Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Today, all Lincoln-Way High Schools school offered a warm welcome to incoming students, staffed hallways with extra personnel to aid students in finding their classrooms, and started the 2016-2017 school year off with a morning pep rally.

At Lincoln-Way Central, the Welcome Crew cheered with standing ovations as students exited the car to enter the building. Parents and guardians who dropped off students took photos of the warm student welcome. The Central pep rally began with the lights off and a rendition of “Thunderstruck,” which gradually increased in volume in order to excite the student body. During the rally, students participated in performances and viewed video messages. The homecoming theme--Red, Knight, and Blue--was announced and well-received by students.

Students also received a pep talk from Principal Provis, who spoke with palpable enthusiasm. “We not only got bigger; we got better. Nobody will be able to compete with us because of the students we have today.”

At Lincoln-Way East, students were greeted by Griffin Crew members at each entrance. Principal Michalak offered handshakes and welcoming words to incoming students, and Yugo the Griffin received countless high fives. Nearing the end of first period, a group of musicians with drums and cymbals passed through the hallways to create the sound of the Griffin heartbeat with their instruments. Students left their first period classrooms when the “heart of the Griffin” passed their classroom door, and joined the line of students to follow the “heartbeat” to the gymnasium.

At the pep rally, students performed numerous dances and routines; at one point, administrators and principals joined the routine and were met with applause from students. Principal Michalak reminded students to make the best of the year ahead. “Remember, it is not the bricks and mortar that make up a school--it is you: the students…Take the traditions and memories of the Phoenix, and the traditions and memories of the Griffins, and blend them together so we can move forward. Celebrate your history by using those experiences to rise up and create new traditions!”

At Lincoln-Way West, Warrior Way leaders and Principal Schmitt welcomed students at the entrances to the building with cheers and welcoming words. At 8:00 a.m., Marching Warriors began the procession to the gymnasium, and on the way, students received bright orange t-shirts from Warrior Way Leaders. The pep rally was primarily emceed by students, and included performances by JROTC, cheerleaders, and dancers. Tug-of-war between classes was a huge hit, and the seniors claimed the victory.

In his pep rally speech, senior Marco Pettinato left his classmates with words of wisdom. “As a school, we have a unique opportunity in front of us. I know that if all come together, we can make this the best year in Lincoln-Way West history. So remember: Make it a great year or not. The choice is yours!”