District 210 announces best academic year in Lincoln-Way history
Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lincoln-Way District 210 is proud to announce that the graduating ACT average for the class of 2016 was a 23.1 composite--the highest average district ACT score that Lincoln-Way has ever earned.

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Tim Reilly says, “When I look at the 2015-2016 AP success, national recognition by Newsweek and U.S. News, the consistently increasing graduation rate, and today’s release of the ACT results, I’m just amazed. These teachers and students have used challenges to drive themselves forward and show our community how successful they are and will continue to be. We are unbelievably proud.”

The District’s 23.1 composite tops the state average of 20.8 by 2.3 points and Lincoln-Way students outperformed state averages in every individual content area. “Not only was our composite score the best in district history,” says Reilly, “but our average score in the content areas of English and Reading were the highest in Lincoln-Way history, followed by Math and Science, which were the second highest. The hours of preparation and dedication by students and teachers are quantifiable through these scores.”

At Lincoln-Way Central, the senior class earned the best ACT composite in school history with a score of 23.1. English (23.1), Reading (23.5) and Science (23.0) topped 23 for the first time, and students earned the highest score in Math since 2012.

At Lincoln-Way East, English (24.3) and Reading (24.1) reached the highest scores in the school’s history. Even more impressive, a composite of 23.7 is the highest score ever by any Lincoln-Way school.

At Lincoln-Way North, the senior class earned the best ACT composite in school history, with a score of 22.7. English (22.7), Math (22.4), and Reading (22.8) scores hit record highs as well.

At Lincoln-Way West, English (23.2) again led the way, as student writing scores earned the highest score in the district. Graduating seniors’ scores in English beat out the previous record by an entire half point. The Warriors had a very strong 22.7 overall average.

“This is truly unbelievable,” says Reilly. “It is a credit to our teachers, students, leaders, and community that we were able to maintain our focus and effort throughout the entire school year in the midst of restructuring our district. We’ve always known that we have exceptional students and staff and that this community values education; this recognition for all of our schools is just wonderful and well-deserved.”