Lincoln-Way West kicks of Homecoming Week with Homecoming Olympics
Wednesday, September 14, 2016

On Monday, September 12, Lincoln-Way West began the celebration of their Homecoming Week with the annual tradition of Homecoming Olympics. Over 1000 students and 80 teams competed in various events on the Lincoln-Way West football field.

Parents, family members, teachers, and community members watched from the bleachers while taking photos and cheering for the participants. Teams were outfitted in matching uniforms to distinguish themselves and promote comradery.

Students participated in classic events such as relay races and tug-o-war, but also faced some challenging and unique obstacles. The fifth event of the night presented each team with a frozen T-shirt; the challenge required teams to thaw the t-shirt so that one team member could wear it--a task that took creative thinking and lasted nearly 10 minutes.

“Homecoming Olympics is always one of our most highly anticipated events of the year,” says Activities Coordinator, Heather Novak. “It was an incredible scene to see over 1,000 students and staff members competing against each other on our stadium field. It was a memorable night for everyone involved and we are excited about the rest of our 2016 Homecoming week!”

Lincoln-Way West continued Homecoming traditions on Tuesday with a scavenger hunt, and will begin “Road to Reality” today at 4:00 p.m.

"This is my fourth year doing Homecoming Olympics and my senior year was the best one yet,” said senior Courtney O’Donnell. “It is so fun to see everyone from freshmen to seniors coming together for the night.”

The winner of the Homecoming Olympics will be announced Friday during West’s pep assembly. The theme of the Warrior’s Homecoming this year is “Around the World.” The dance will be held on Saturday, September 17, 2016.