Lincoln-Way Central Mathletes win first conference meet
Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Lincoln-Way Central Mathletes hosted the first conference meet of the year on September 21, 2016 and won by scoring 693 points to Lincoln-Way East’s 688 points. The Knights captured seven first-place titles and two second-place titles out of 15 areas of competition. Outstanding performances were given in the oral competition at the freshman/sophomore level on Probability by George Burchfield and Jared Kreis with 49 points out of 50, and at the junior/senior level on Sets, Relations, and Functions by Zak Dundek and Liana Chidichimo with 48 points, and Matrix Algebra by Emily Parker and Taylor Lenburg with 49 points.

First place Knights in the senior topic of Complex Numbers were Liana Chidichimo, Jacob Culver, Matt Klock, Alex Manka, Zoe Tian, Bailey Tincher, Brandon Bennitt, Adam Ceh, Grace Klevorn, Nathan Lucchetti, Tim Murphy, and Ben Zuraitis; the junior topic of Functions and Graphs were Ben Bethke, Sean Dennelly, Nick Geoppo, Justin Hearne, Zeke Leonard, Garrett McCrea, Michelle Burk, Danielle Mikos, Julia Roessler, Molly Schuringa, and Kelly Tran; the sophomore Truth Tables team of Kalei Bass, Jeremy Brown, Ennis Lange, Mallory Magro, Jack Yurkanin, Michael Zhan, Jacob Babich, Jonah Haskins, Behnam Shamsaddin, and Melissa Tran; the sophomore Complementary & Supplementary team of Kalei Bass, Jeremy Brown, Mallory Magro, Behnam Shamsaddin, Jack Yurkanin, Michael Zhan, Jacob Babich, Teresa Barrett, Mia Chidichimo, Kathleen Findlay, Ennis Lange, Justin Lundy, Karleen Meding, Hunter Opiola, and Melissa Tran; the freshmen Linear Equations team of Alec Boyens, George Burchfield, Allison Ceh, Ryan Curran, Danny Kahl, Jared Kreis, Audrey Bulow, Payton Eggert, Matthew Flais, and Noah Ivicic; the freshmen/sophomore Group of Ennis Lange, Michael Zhan, George Burchfield, and Matthew Flais; the freshmen/sophomore Calculator team of Mallory Magro, Behnam Shamsaddin, Melissa Tran, Alec Boyens, Payton Eggert, Jared Kreis, Jacob Babich, Teresa Barrett, Kalei Bass, Mia Chidichimo, Ethan Fazio, Kathleen Findlay, Jonah Haskins, Karleen Meding, Peter Mifflin, Hunter Opiola, Ryan Curran, Noah Ivicic, Danny Kahl, and Anthony Schletz.

Head coach and Lincoln-Way Central math teacher Lisa Parker says, “Our team has grown 46% from last year, but that has not deterred their ambition to do well. They worked as a team tonight to host this contest and they worked as a team to win it. I am proud of the Mathletes and look forward to the year ahead.” The Knights have won the conference championship, which takes place every year in January, for the past nine years in a row.