Lincoln-Way Board of Education approves Strategic Plan
Friday, January 20, 2017

On Thursday, January 19, 2017 at the Lincoln-Way District 210 Board of Education meeting, board members voted to approve the five year long-range strategic plan. The creation of the plan was facilitated by Dr. Robert J. Madonia in early December, who volunteered his services at no cost to the district. Madonia, alongside the administration and Board of Education, engaged volunteer community leaders and residents to provide input and guidance on how the district should move forward over the next five years. Recommendations from the special 107-person Strategic Long Range Planning Committee were officially approved in six key focus areas.

The key focus areas were determined by the Board of Education during the October Board Meeting. The focus areas and approved goals are:

• Curriculum/Assessment:
-Continually update pathways for college and career readiness to meet the needs of all students
-Enhance curriculum with innovative instruction, assessment, and the infusion of the social/emotional learning standards

• Technology:
-Create a technology plan that prepares students for college, life, and career readiness
-Explore, develop, and maintain an infrastructure that will support the needs of students and staff

• Human Resources:
-Promote continuous staff development for all employees
-Recruit and retain qualified staff with diverse experiences

• Community/Public Relations:
-Unify the district and build public trust through board/stakeholder communications
-Enhance the district brand and identify opportunities to engage stakeholders

• Building and Grounds:
-Develop a capital plan and an operations and maintenance plan
-Enhance school security plans for students and buildings

• Finance:
-Restore fund balances to provide and maintain fiscal stability
-Demonstrate fiscal responsibility while maintaining current student programs

“Every goal has a specific, measureable action plan that will ensure the district stays on track to accomplish each item,” says Superintendent Scott Tingley. “The specific timeline will allow us to achieve each goal in a timely manner, and to focus on additional goals that have been highlighted by the community.” The 107-person Strategic Planning Committee will meet annually to assess the progress of the goals.

“We are incredibly grateful to both Dr. Madonia and to our Strategic Planning Committee members for driving this Strategic Plan forward,” says Tingley. “We look forward to continuing this process throughout the years.”