L-W North Students to Give Magical Performance of Peter Pan
Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lincoln-Way North students promise to take the audience on a magical journey during their performance of Peter Pan in the schools spring musical on Thursday, April 23, Friday, April 24 and Saturday, April 25 at 7:00 p.m.

More than 90 students will take the stage at the Lincoln-Way North Performing Arts Center, 19900 S. Harlem Avenue in Frankfort for the Tony award-winning musical about a child who dreamed of flying and never growing up.

Our students have been working since early January to welcome our audiences into the Darling family nursery, Neverland, and the rotten Captain Hooks ship the Jolly Rodger, said co-director Will Frankenburger. Peter Pan is a timeless story and is wonderful for any audience age. It is sure to bring back memories for all who grew up loving this story of youth, joy and freedom.

Tickets are available online for $10 at www.lwnmusic.org or call (815) 534-3241. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and seating is reserved.

The Dress Rehearsal is free for senior citizens only on Tuesday, April 21 at 4:30 p.m. Doors open at 4 p.m. Tickets are required and will be available in the box office one hour before the show begins.

We are extremely excited to be trying something that we have never done at Lincoln-Way North, said Justin Barnish, co-director and Music Department Chair at Lincoln-Way North. It wouldnt be Peter Pan without high-flying effects. Our students have worked extremely hard and we hope you will come join us as we retell this timeless story.

The cast features student Casey Sawilchik as Captain Hook, Peter Sturino as Crocodile, Pamela Joy Doody as Grown-up Wendy, Jared Candelaria as John, Samantha Grobmeier as Liza, Justin Corp as Mr. Darling, and Nikki Wiltjer as Mrs. Darling.

Maddie Witt will play Peter Pan, and will be joined by Arturo Gutierrez de Velasco as Smee, Delaney Schmidt as Tiger Lily, and Lindsey Doody as Wendy.

Other production cast and crew include:
Halle Brne, Indian Dancer
Anna Delegatto, Indian Dancer
Valarie DeMuri, Indian Dancer
Airene Dizon, Indian Dancer
Allison Hefner, Indian Dancer
Gillian Kwan, Indian Dancer
Kailey LaFave, Indian Dancer
Rebecca Lam, Indian Dancer
Sofi Marcotte, Indian Dancer
Teresa Novak, Indian Dancer
Brooke Schuler, Indian Dancer
Samantha Grobmeier, Indian Dancer
Julie Myers, Lost Boy - Twin 1
Megan Greenberg, Lost Boy - Curly
Sabrina Steck, Lost Boy Nibs
Rachel Bartak, Lost Boy Pockets
Clare Maylone, Lost Boy - Squints
Pamela Joy Doody, Lost Boy - Tootles
Alexis Timejardine, Lost Boy - Twin 2
Olivia Cranston, Lost Boy Chorus
Jessica Helwig, Lost Boy Chorus
Elisabeth Nacik, Lost Boy Chorus
Emily Northam, Lost Boy Chorus
Michaella Petrassi, Lost Boy Chorus
Katherine Plesniak, Lost Boy Chorus
Rachael Rascop, Lost Boy Chorus
Ronnie Villasenor, Lost Boy Chorus
Anna Janaszak, Lost Boy Chorus
Justin Corp, Pirate
Michael Barnas, Pirate
Adam Barrera, Pirate
August Doubrawa, Pirate
Andres Gutierrez de Velasco., Pirate
Trevor Jellison, Pirate
Justin McCourt, Pirate
Chris Patterson, Pirate
Michael Gaertig, Pirate - Cecco
Danny Rehm, Pirate - Noodler
Geoff Ward, Pirate - Starkey
David Arnold, Pit - Trumpet
Kayli Benak, Pit - Trumpet
Brandon Bulthuis, Pit - Percussion
Dominic Camerino, Pit - Synth
Evan Curatolo, Pit - Flute
Matthew Fritsch, Pit - Bass
Grace Ingram, Pit - Viola
Montana Johnson, Pit - Clarinet
Ryan Kaminski, Pit - Clarinet
Kyle Kentrick, Pit - Trumpet
Jack Kotze, Pit - Rehearsal Accompanist/Synth
Michelle Manson, Pit - Viola
Liz Neitzel, Pit - Violin
Vicky Nyder, Pit - Cello
Lena Padua, Pit - Violin
Natalie Parsons, Pit - Violin
Megan Raimbault, Pit Flute
Brendan Rowe, Pit - Trombone
Natalie Seidel, Pit - Bass Clarinet
Hunter Sweeney, Pit - Percussion
Ari Szubryt, Pit - Viola
Jackie Zoetvelt, Pit - Violin
Conor McGrath, Pit - Cello
Emily Baker, Production Asst./Crew
Sarah Dababneh, Production Asst./Crew
Mary Gorski, Production Asst./Crew
Noor Hasan, Production Asst./Crew
Makayla Oviedo, Production Asst./Crew
Amanda Porte, Production Asst./Crew