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Madrigal Ladies, Troubadours, and Madrigal Singers are our most popular extracurricular ensembles. A Madrigal Dinner is a 21st Century re-creation of the Renaissance feasts held in the great baronial halls throughout England during the twelve days of Christmas. The Madrigal Ladies Ensemble (women) and Troubadours (men) are auditioned ensembles made up of 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders. These select groups perform advanced music from the Renaissance period as well as more contemporary music at the Annual Madrigal Dinners. Students will audition for Madrigals in the month of May, prior to the coming school year. Auditions are open to any student enrolled in a music performance class. You can also audition to be a madrigal actor or sign up to be a server!

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Hanna Samawi

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