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Mathletes is the 9-12 inter-school mathematics team which competes in the ICTM Regional/State Math competition and mathletes SWSC season. The purpose of the organization is not only to compete, but to integrate and solidify those mathematical topics which are covered in the classroom. In addition, topics (especially in the area of technology), not normally covered in traditional mathematics classroom are taught.

Contests are held once a month on Wednesday evenings with the addition of two Saturday competitions for regionals and state. There are written, group, graphing calculator, and oral competitions.

Any student may become a Mathlete. The only requirements are that he/she be interested in some field of mathematics with a desire to learn more about it. The team's season runs from September 1- May 1. Students in mathletes are enrolled in a mathletes study hall in which students are expected to practice mathletes related topics Monday-Thursday.

Contact Information:
Jeff Behm

Betsy Vandenberg