The following procedures pertain to student registration.

All students must maintain the required minimum of five subjects and physical education unless special permission has been granted for a lighter load through the principal. For a fee, students may register for an extra class that extends the day to zero hour. Students will not be allowed to drop a zero hour class after the last Friday in April. Adding an additional class (and zero hour) is based on space availability and classes cannot be guaranteed.

Student and/or parent initiated schedule changes (adds or drops) for the next school year will be permitted after the registration process and based on space availability. The last opportunity for student initiated schedule changes is the last Friday in April. Changes to meet graduation requirements and address failures and conflicts will be made at summer registration. The only exception is for freshmen. Freshmen students will have two days to make changes to courses. Student and/or parent initiated changes will not be allowed unless:

a. The student or parent discovers either a mistake or error on the student’s schedule.
b. The student is an upperclassman who needs a schedule change to add a course to meet graduation requirements.
c. The student, parent, and counselor, as a result of an individual career plan conference which reviews the career/technical, social emotional, and education needs of the student, may make a determination to allow a schedule change.

Staff initiated schedule changes can be considered if it becomes apparent that misplacement has occurred. Staff initiated changes may be made if agreement is reached between student, parent, teacher, and department chair.

Students dropping a single class will be graded by the following conditions:
WP – Withdrawn Without Penalty
WF – Withdrawn Failing

If a student initiates a class withdrawal during the initial quarter of a class, he/she will receive a WP grade regardless of his/her grade. After the initial quarter of the semester ends, only staff initiated withdrawals will be allowed. In these situations, the student will receive either a WF or WP (whichever is earned). All student and parent initiated second semester class additions must be completed prior to the start of the second semester. Students may not withdraw from a class required for graduation. No class drops after December 1st and May 1st.

Auditing – Any student who wants to audit a class must contact his/her counselor the first day of school to obtain an audit contract. Students may audit if space is available in the class and if the teacher, student and parent agree to all the terms of the audit contract. When a student audits a class, the student receives no credit but the audit grade is listed on the transcript.

Early Release – Seniors have the opportunity to leave school early (6th or 7th period) for employment opportunities provided they meet all terms of the early release application. Seniors must have a minimum of eighteen (18) credits in the fall semester of senior year, hold a job that could provide early work hours, a transcript evaluation and parent permission. All students must maintain a minimum of four academic classes plus P.E. Applications must be signed by an administrator at the start of the semester by the end of the first week of each semester.