College visits/job shadowing – The student must bring a parental request for a college visitation/job shadowing form listing the name of the school or place of business to be visited to the attendance office when returning to school.

This form must be signed by a college rep- resentative or businessperson and returned the next day that school is in session. ONLY THIS FORM WILL BE ACCEPTED for the documentation of the absence.

Seniors will be allowed three college visitation/ job shadowing days, while juniors will be allowed two. One half day will be allowed to visit Joliet Junior College. NO VISIT DAYS ARE ALLOWED In May or June unless the student has an appointment for registration/orientation or has sent copies of his/her transcripts to the college or university.

Parents and students are encouraged to arrange visits when Lincoln-Way High School is not in session and most colleges and universities are in session; i.e., Columbus Day, Veterans' Day, Pulaski Day, and local institute days.