Students who have fulfilled graduation requirements after the seventh semester are eligible to receive a diploma. These students will be awarded their diploma at the time they complete all requirements if they choose not to participate in the formal commencement ceremony held at the conclusion of the school year. Students wishing to participate in the commencement ceremony will receive their diploma the week following the commencement exercise. Students who have completed all requirements are eligible to participate in the commencement ceremonies held at the conclusion of the year in which the requirements were completed. Participation in commencement exercises is not required to receive a diploma.

All students who choose to participate in June commencement ceremonies must abide by the following stipulations:

    1. Submit a statement signed by the parents expressing a desire to participate.
    2. Deposit the full cost of graduation fees as determined by school officials. Deposit will be made at a time and location determined by school officials.
    3. Meet with the guidance counselor for a complete review of all credits.
    4. Attend a mandatory graduation practice as announced by the school officials.
    5. Submit the proper petition by the designated deadline for students graduating after their seventh semester.

Students graduating at the end of the seventh or eighth semester, who do not wish to participate in the June ceremonies, must present a statement signed by the parent, stating this desire. Students who have earned 22 credits prior to their eighth semester and elect to start their eighth semester and then withdraw before the conclusion of the semester will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. Also, the current course grades received at the time of withdrawal will be reflected as a dropping status of WP or WF on the student’s transcript. Documented emergency situations will be reviewed by the principal for consideration to attend the graduation ceremony.