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SuperintendentWelcome to the April 2016 e-Newsletter:
SPRING MUSICALS: The video this month features students from all four high schools who will be performing in the spring musicals. My thanks to the following students who participated in the interview: Thomas Erhardt from Lincoln-Way Central; Hannah Spiroff from Lincoln-Way East; Nikki Wiltjer from Lincoln-Way North; and Collin Tompulis from Lincoln-Way West.

Each spring, hundreds of students are involved in the production of our musicals, and this year is no exception. From singing, dancing, acting, choreography, student-directors, and of course the amazing instrumental accompaniment, we are extremely proud of the near-professional productions that each music department puts on.  Students, parents, and community members are all invited to see first-hand the exceptional talents of our students, and this year we are proud to present the following musical performances: 

  • April 14,15, 16 – “Pippin” - Lincoln-Way Central

  • April 15,16,17 – “Brigadoon” – Lincoln-Way West

  • April 21,22,23 – “42nd Street” – Lincoln-Way East

  • April 21,22,23 – “The Addams Family” – Lincoln-Way North

TESTING SEASON: Spring also brings “standardized testing season” to Lincoln-Way.  After months of in-class and before/after school practice opportunities provided by teachers in science, math, English, reading and social science departments, all junior students took a score-reportable ACT with writing on Tuesday, March 15. On this same day, sophomore and freshman students took a practice ACT for the first time since the retirement of the PLAN test. This early ACT and ACT practice tests will be used for goal-setting for students and teachers, as results will be debriefed in classes in the coming weeks. And as students arrived prepped and motivated that March 15 morning, I am continually impressed with the diligence and intensity that our students and teachers all invest when it comes to these college entrance exams.

Also this spring, students in Algebra 1 and English 1 will be taking the PARCC exam. These students have been getting accustomed to the online format of these exams, as well as practicing for the types of questions and tasks they will be asked to perform. PARCC testing will be during April 11-15 for English 1 students and April 18-22 for Algebra 1 students, and we are glad to report that students will only be tested for one day during those weeklong windows, as opposed to last year’s several days of testing.

The Illinois Science Exam will be given to all Biology students for the first time this spring as well. This online test will be given during a student’s biology class this spring as well.
And finally, students in Advanced Placement (AP) courses have already begun to intensify their preparation for the AP exams coming up this May. Students who score a 3, 4, or 5 on these exams can earn college credit while still at Lincoln-Way and save significant tuition money for their future. With record numbers of students enrolled for these exams, our students continue to impress. They are motivated, committed, and resilient, and we could not be prouder of all of them.

Thank you for supporting Lincoln-Way District 210 where student achievement continues to be our first priority.