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SuperintendentAll 7,100 Lincoln-Way students have been back in school for the past two weeks. Teaching and learning began the moment the students entered our doors. All four high schools had solid opening days with the common theme of working for academic success, school spirit, and pride in themselves.

This past week all four high schools welcomed parents to follow in their son/daughter’s shoes, as they participated in Lincoln-Way Back to School Nights. Parents followed their child’s class schedule and met their son/daughter’s teachers.

Senior Class Presidents
My thanks to the Senior Class Presidents for coming in the morning before school to record this featured interview. Senior class presidents are: Nick Sabatini, Central; Jimmy Finn, East; Payton Lang, North; and Cesar Zavala, West.

Lincoln-Way Students score Top 36 ACT
It is with pride I share news with you about the two Lincoln-Way students who earned the top score of 36, the highest composite score possible, on the ACT exam.

Brianna McKennaBrianna McKenna, Lincoln-Way East, and Jacob (Jake) Gasparich, Lincoln-Way West, when receiving the news they had earned a 36, were excited, very happy, and relieved.

On average less than one percent of those who take the ACT earn the top score, according to ACT. The example given by ACT was the class of 2012 where only 781 out of 1.66 million students who took the test earned the top score.

Lincoln-Way average ACT scores are up
The ACT consists of curriculum-based tests of educational development in English, mathematics, reading, and science designed to measure the skills needed for success in first year college coursework. Beginning with the 2013 graduating class, both standard and extended time tests for all students whose scores are college reportable are now included in this report.

Test Scores

With push back from many local school district leaders, the state has agreed to fund a statewide ACT test for all students in this current school year. The ACT will be given at the four Lincoln-Way high schools and state-wide on March 3. This is earlier than past ACT’s have been given statewide, however, this does provide the opportunity again for all students in the state of Illinois to take the ACT at no cost to the individual student.

Be assured that Lincoln-Way will continue to provide the preparation programs we have in the past. Each high school offers review sessions and practice ACT tests for our students. In addition, test data is analyzed for individual students with results given to each student as to what to look at to improve their performance.

Thank you for reading the Lincoln-Way e-Newsletter. Our goal is to offer timely information about the district in a quick, easy-to read format, delivered in a financially viable way.

Dr. R. Scott Tingley
Lincoln-Way High School District 210