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SuperintendentOctober 10 is the end of the first quarter of the 2014-2015 academic year for all Lincoln-Way High School District 210 students.

As our administrators and I visit classes in our school district, we see a strong academic atmosphere; teachers are teaching, students are learning.

Our extracurricular activities are going well and students are keeping up with their community service hours by helping out with community groups in Frankfort, Manhattan, Mokena, Tinley Park and New Lenox.

This month I enjoyed my conversation with the four high school Student Council Presidents. They are: Nicolette Esparza from Lincoln-Way Central; Jaki Farquhar from Lincoln-Way East; Melanie Kircher from Lincoln-Way North; and Sarah Richardson from Lincoln-Way West. I wish to thank the Student Council Presidents for taking the time to be featured on the October e-video.

Destination Excellence Awards
The Lincoln-Way High School District 210 Board of Education recognized 23 outstanding employees and the L-W North Science department on September 11 for making Lincoln-Way a special place for students.

The employees were nominated by their peers and include a Perkins aide, four bus mechanics, two paraprofessionals, an administrative assistant, one supervisor, seventeen teachers, two counselors, and nine department chairs.  All were honored during a special recognition ceremony held prior to the September 11 board meeting.

This year’s Destination Excellence recipients are: Chuck Welke, Jim Martin, Mary McGivern, Melissa (Molly) DeCarlo, Tom Finnegan, Lynda Adkins, Charlene Stewart, Kimberly Gerk, Joshua Kreske, Todd Drumheller, Nicholas Metropulos, Margaret (Peg) Bobber, Carollyn Mushro, David Gallagher, Steve Miller, Charles Martin, Mark Tyda, Daniel Leonard, Tim Kuntz, Sandra Rogina, Eleanor Warning, Tom Anstett (retired), Mary Hilbert, L-W North Science Department, Maria Wilson, chair. North science teachers: Elizabeth Conroy, Wes Cooley, Camille Gonzalez-Jensen, Elizabeth Hamann, Nicole Karges, Carlie Premo, Lauren Sick, Tim Victor, Kendra Will, Janette Bugajski, Scott McCreary, Mike Murphy, and Matt Nemeth.

Destination Excellence

Repercussions of Senate Bill 16 to Lincoln-Way District 210
In Lincoln-Way’s continued effort to strengthen communications and community awareness of issues facing education I am including some information about Senate Bill 16 and the repercussions to Lincoln-Way students and our community.

After passing in the Illinois Senate, SB16 – The School Funding Reform Act of 2014, is currently under review in the Illinois House of Representatives, and may be brought for a vote in November. 

SB16 would significantly change the current education funding formula, and as written, would have a devastating impact on many suburban school districts.

Senate Bill 16 will dramatically reduce funding for our high school district as well as the five elementary school districts that send students to Lincoln-Way.

The bill does not increase the level of education funding, but changes the way limited state funds are allocated.

In other words, this proposed bill will shift nearly the entire financial responsibility of education to local taxpayers.

The following are points of interest for Lincoln-Way parents and community members:

  • Generally, school districts with higher assessed property values will receive considerably less state funding;
  • Lincoln-Way High School District 210 would suffer a disproportionate financial loss if this bill is approved;
  • Estimates provided by the Illinois State Board of Education indicate that District 210 would lose more than $1.9 million or 21% of the current state educational funding, following seven years of already reduced state funding and unfunded state mandates.  ISBE estimates the following losses for our feeder elementary school districts:
    • New Lenox District 122:
      • $2,261,235
    • Mokena District 159: 
      • $861,179
    • Summit Hill District 161:
      • $2,605,521
    • Manhattan District 114:
      • $333,837
    • Frankfort District 157C:
      • $1,831,591
  • If SB16 is modified to include a shift in pension costs, District 210 would lose as much as $2.5 million; 
  • At $12,005, Lincoln-Way High School District 210 already has one of the lowest operating expenses per pupil in Will County and operates well below the state average of $15,597, all while maintaining academic excellence at all four of our high schools; 
  • SB16 does not take fiscal responsibility or academic performance into consideration;   

State education funding should be comprehensive and fair to all parties.

Thank you for reading the Lincoln-Way e-Newsletter. Our goal is to offer timely information about the district in a quick, easy-to-read format, in a financially viable way.

Dr. R. Scott Tingley
Lincoln-Way High School District 210