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SuperintendentAs this e-Newsletter for January 2015 marks our 50th edition, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in Lincoln-Way High School District 210. Our goal is to offer timely, accurate information in a quick, easy-to-read format.

This month’s e-Newsletter video features two representatives from each high school’s varsity cheerleading team. My thanks to the student-athletes that participated in the interview: Nicole Michonski and Tori Bartlett from Lincoln-Way Central; Mia Corazzi and Alyssa Krause from Lincoln-Way East; Mia Graham and Mallory Moran from Lincoln-Way North; and Keila Blackful and Dani Magda from Lincoln-Way West.

Winter Weather
The winter months may bring some inclement weather.  This weather may bring a change to our school schedule.  In case it is necessary to delay the start of school, there will be an announcement on the district website .

PARCC Testing
The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) test is the new online state-mandated assessment for Illinois public schools, and replaces the Prairie State Achievement Exam (PSAE) previously administered to all high school juniors each spring. 

Lincoln-Way High School District 210 will administer the PARCC test during our second semester to students enrolled in English 1 and Algebra 1 courses which are taken predominately by freshman students. Due to continued uncertainty about the PARCC test, the almost daily procedural changes from the Illinois State Board of Education, and the concerns voiced by many educators across the state, the Illinois State Board of Education recently offered high school districts certain options relative to the administration of the PARCC test for this school year only.

Lincoln-Way High School District 210 has elected to test mainly freshman students to provide the least disruption to junior students as they prepare for the ACT in March and Advanced Placement exams in May.  We also believe freshmen will benefit from this testing experience as the future of testing will look more like the online PARCC test than the traditional ACT-style paper and pencil assessment.  In addition, testing for English 1 and Algebra 1 students will require fewer days, resulting in minimal interruption to classroom instruction.  Our testing decision is based on what we believe is best for all of our students.  We will continue working to build a foundation for success as our students prepare for adulthood.

State Funding
As we welcomed in the New Year, the state income tax rate dropped back to 3.75% resulting in a loss of approximately $4 billion in revenue for the state as a whole.  I am all but certain the state legislature will act soon to revise the education funding formula.  If categorical payments, monies provided by the state to fund mandated programs, are delayed or eliminated, Lincoln-Way High School District 210 could see a funding reduction of $1.25 million this year.

I have been in contact with our state legislators to share District 210’s position on future education funding legislation including:

  1. Recognizing fiscal responsibility. Lincoln-Way High School District 210 spends well below the state average of $15,621 per pupil, yet academically achieves at a very high level.
  2. Adding provisions that measure the cost of living on a regional basis. It is certainly more expensive to educate children in the suburbs than it is in Central or Southern Illinois.
  3. Avoid shifting pension costs to local districts.

While we acknowledge the need for pension reform, local tax payers should not have to be penalized for the state’s failure to fully fund pensions.

As we begin the second semester of the 2014-2015 school year, we look forward to what we do best: educating and improving the level of academic excellence our students, parents, and community have come to expect from the Lincoln-Way High School District 210.

On behalf of our 7,123 students, thank you for your continuing support of the Lincoln-Way High School District 210.

Dr. R. Scott Tingley
Lincoln-Way High School District 210