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SuperintendentSeason’s Greetings!

The e-Newsletter video for December gives our community information about Lincoln-Way’s varsity boys’ basketball program. My guests for the video are representatives from each high school’s program.  Thank you to Jackson Bax, Lincoln-Way East; Craig Majcher, Lincoln-Way West; Alec Webber, Lincoln-Way North; and Luke Newtoff, Lincoln-Way Central.

National Merit Scholars

2014 Merit Scholars

On Thursday, November 13, the Lincoln-Way High School District 210 Board of Education honored 28 students who have earned the distinction of being National Merit Scholars.

The five Semifinalists in the National Merit Scholarship Program are: Patrick Burke, Christian Geoppo, Brianna McKenna, Devin Werner and Jacob Gasparich.

Mycala Smith and Kenichi Haynie are recognized by National Merit as National Achievement Semifinalists.

Ayodeji Olaleye and Ilani Walker were recognized by National Merit for qualifying for the National Achievement Outstanding Participants Program.

Christian Geoppo and Raymundo Muro-Barrios were named by National Merit as National Hispanic Scholars.

National Merit Commended Scholars are: Joseph Brandt, John Christel, Rachael Miller, Scott Pries, Nicholas Sabatini, Mycala Smith, Marc Veihl, Allison White, Daniel Zolecki, Rachel Alexander, Karol Bisaga, Nicholas Cesario, Anna Gerdes, Natalie McCray, Timothy Vyhnanek, Joshua Arvia, Anthony Brattoli, Morgan McInturff, Simon Egner, Raymundo Muro-Barrios and Brandon Voss.

We are very proud of these fine students who have achieved the honor of being recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program. It is due to their hard work and dedication to their studies that they have been able to set themselves apart academically. We congratulate these students who have taken advantage of support from their parents and teachers, and have made the most of their opportunities at Lincoln-Way. The students, parents, and their teachers should be very proud of this accomplishment.

Lincoln-Way to increase AP offerings in 2015-2016
Lincoln-Way currently provides several ways for students to earn college credit while they are still in high school. The Advanced Placement program is one way students can get ahead in their college careers during their time at Lincoln-Way.
The Advanced Placement (AP) program at Lincoln-Way has grown over the past several years.  There are now 29 different courses at the AP level at each of our four high schools. 

Our AP offerings provide opportunities for our students to gain college credit in English, Mathematics, Science, Languages and Social Science.  In addition, Lincoln-Way students can earn college credit in such diverse courses as Psychology, English Language, Calculus, Chemistry and Mandarin Chinese.

In these content areas, Lincoln-Way students can earn college credit by passing an AP exam, thus demonstrating mastery of college level content and skills. 

The AP tests are intense, often lasting over 3 hours, requiring students to read and write at a demanding level;  students must demonstrate the ability to analyze (examine a text or problem deeply) and synthesize (coordinate ideas and concepts from several sources) to succeed in the AP program.

In the spring of 2014, District 210 students took over 1200 exams, with well over 70% of those test-takers scoring well enough to earn college credit. 

Across Illinois, only 66% of AP students earned credit through these exams, and globally, only 61% of AP students reached the college standard. 

For the 2015-2016 school year, Lincoln-Way is increasing AP offerings by adding 6 more courses to include: Art History, Comparative Government & Politics, Environmental Science, Human Geography, Music Theory, and Studio Art: 3-D Design.

U.S Military Veterans – Lincoln-Way High School Faculty/Staff

Our Board of Education recently recognized 21 faculty and staff members for their service to our country.  Lincoln-Way military veterans are: Eric Balluff, Jim Bolden, Joe Brown, Walt Bruckner, Kevin Dalton, Gary Henderson, Troy Knoblauch, Nancy Langosch, Frank Montoya, David Mulconrey, Jim Mundee, Ken Rafter, George Ramey, Roy Rusthoven, Dan Schliffka Jr., Charlie Schwer, Larry Smith, Dale Steen, Richard Taylor, Alvester Vaughn and John Wolf.

Remember to please check the website or your e-mail for inclement weather information.

Have a joyous holiday season.

Dr. R. Scott Tingley
Lincoln-Way High School District 210