The Lincoln-Way High School District 210 Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of community members who volunteer their time and talent to help shape a brighter future for our students. Their commitment to providing the very best educational opportunities for our young people directs their efforts. Their vision, hard work, dedication and financial support make a positive difference in our Lincoln-Way schools and in our community.

Volunteer board directors represent the interests of all of our Lincoln-Way students. Their fundraising efforts support grants and scholarships for each school in Lincoln-Way High School District 210.


David Zang
Kim Jiracek
Michelle Moyle
Kimberly Jiracek
Stacie McGlone
Internal Vice President
Michelle Moyle
External Vice President

Karl Landenberger

Bob Chiszar
Karl Landenberger

Bob Chiszar

Joe Kostek
Scott Tingley
Robert Kennedy
Joseph Kosteck
School Board Liaison
Dr. R. Scott Tingley
Robert Kennedy
Executive Director