Items and programs funded over the years have varied, however what remains consistent is the focus on enhancing opportunities for Lincoln-Way students at each of our high schools, across the curriculum, and at all academic levels. Learning at Lincoln-Way is dynamic and interactive. In relevant and exciting classrooms, students make connections.

Students in advanced courses utilize graphing calculators, as do students in special services.  College-bound students experience the latest in technology, empowering them to succeed in some of the most prestigious colleges around the country. Students with interests in performing arts, fine arts, or industrial arts are beneficiaries of the Foundation’s donations. Students in special services benefit from educational tools that provide independent learning opportunities.

Individual interests and strengths are important factors to overall student success; the Foundation funds items that contribute to opportunities for student growth. Extra-curricular groups and activities benefit from Foundation grants.

In classrooms and science labs, the Writing Centers and the libraries, on the field or on the court, Lincoln-Way students thrive in a rich learning environment, and the Foundation is proud to contribute to the Lincoln-Way tradition of excellence.

Click here for a list of items funded by the Foundation to Lincoln-Way High School District 210