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Lincoln-Way in the News

L-W Central students receive hot chocolate for finals from principal
Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Over 1,900 Lincoln-Way Central students received a warm cup of hot chocolate from Lincoln-Way Central Principal Steve Provis and his fellow administrators as students walked into the building to begin their first day of final exams.

"This is a good way to start off finals exam week in the spirit of the season. Our kids really appreciate this," Provis said as he and Associate Principals Tom Denny and Jeannine Prucha stood at the front door passing out hot chocolate.

"This is great, I love hot chocolate," said Michael DeGroot, a freshman at Lincoln-Way Central, taking finals for the first time.

Abby Rose, freshman, said she enjoyed receiving the hot chocolate.

Both students attended the Freshman Final Exam Review Night at Central and were feeling good about taking their final exams.

The first semester final exams for the Lincoln-Way High School District 210 were Wednesday, December 19; Thursday, December 20; and Friday, December 21. For December 19, zero hour, first and second periods were tested; December 20, periods 3, 4 and 5 were tested; and December 21 periods 6 and 7 plus make-ups were tested.

Principal Provis wished the students good luck as they picked up their hot chocolate.

"We all wish them the best in their first semester exams. This is just our way of saying they are a great group of young people," he added.

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