This site contains graduation information and forms for the Class of 2017. Please read all instructions carefully and submit forms by Wednesday, April 26, 2017. Please note you will NOT receive your diploma and/or other graduation items if you have any outstanding fees/obligations. If you owe fees, a statement will be mailed to you. All fees are due upon receipt. Please contact the Financial Secretary at (815) 717-3541 if you have questions concerning fees. To avoid any further charges, turn in ALL textbooks to your assigned teachers BEFORE your last day of school.

PLEASE NOTE: Students will be required to PICK UP their diploma and copy of their 9th grade immunization record. Diplomas and copies of 9th grade physicals will be ready for pick up on June 5th in the registrar's office located in the PPS office. After June 5th please call the registrar’s office at (815) 717-3540 prior to picking up your diploma.

Ceremony Date: Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Graduation Ceremony Attendance

Student Information
First Name*: Last Name*: Student ID*:
Yes, I will attend the graduation ceremony on Tuesday, May 30, 2017
I understand that I am required to attend the graduation rehearsal the same day at 10:30 AM.
Click here for Graduation Ceremony Instructions
No, I will not be attending the graduation ceremony on Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Final Transcript Request

All colleges (2 or 4 year) require a Final Transcript. An official transcript will include all semester grades, GPA, class rank, ACT test result(s), and proof of graduation.

In order to send your final transcript log on to to order your transcript. There is a fee to send your transcript. Once you are logged in and select your school where you want your transcript sent, please select "HOLD FOR FINAL GRADING". If your college/university does not accept electronic transcripts, you can still request your transcript through Parchment by filling out the college/university admissions address. Parchment will then mail your transcript. All final transcript requests will be processed AFTER June 5. Students may check the progress of their request by logging into their Parchment account.

Copy of Medical Record Request - 9th Grade Physical

Your college's or university's health service office may need a copy of your 9th grade physical or you may need a copy for an upcoming college physical. A copy of your 9th grade physical will be available for pick up on June 5th. PLEASE KEEP THIS COPY FOR YOUR OWN RECORDS.

Optional: Scholarship Awarded

We are proud of you and want to acknowledge your great accomplishments! Please let us know of any additional scholarships you have been awarded.
Name of School Scholarship Offered Total Amount Over 4 Years

All monetary amounts will be kept confidential.

Future Goals

1.) Do you plan on attending a college or tech program in the fall? Yes No
2.) Name of college or university
3.) Is the college or university a 2 year or 4 year school? 4 Year 2 Year
4.) What do you plan to do as a career?
5.) If you are attending a 2 year school, is it a Junior College Trade School
6.) Do you plan on joining the armed services? Yes No
     If so, which branch of service will you be serving?
     Air ForceArmy Navy MarinesNational Guard
7.) Will you be working full time next year? Yes NoNot Sure
8.) Will you be working part time next year?Yes NoNot Sure
9.) Are you undecided about your plans at this time? Yes No

Please submit ONLY ONCE