Colin Hopper

Congrats to our 2024 Teacher of the Year Mr. Colin Hopper!

His dedication to his craft and unwavering commitment to his students makes him an exceptional educator who truly deserves this recognition. This teacher is not only a highly knowledgeable historian but also an extraordinary teacher who goes above and beyond for his students. His genuine care and empathy for his students are evident in the personalized support he provides, going out of his way to connect with them and ensure they have the resources they need to succeed. His selflessness and humility as a human make him the ultimate role model. His love for reading and music transcends beyond hobbies, enriching his teaching with diverse perspectives.

What sets this teacher apart is his ability to inspire and positively impact the lives of his students. Many of them have gone on to become teachers themselves, a testament to the lasting influence of his teaching methods and mentorship. His innate ability to connect with students fosters a nurturing environment where young minds flourish. He teaches his students by creating historical scenarios that both captivate and teach. His AP students learn how to read, write, and think through discussion. He has gone out of his way to help students whenever he can. This includes teaching an extra AP class in his free time, just because students asked for his help.

This teacher’s commitment to continuous improvement is exemplary. He actively seeks opportunities to learn and grow as an educator, engaging in meaningful discussions about social-emotional learning as well as contributing valuable resources like SAT questions to benefit his department. His dedication to innovation and collaboration is truly commendable.