The Lincoln-Way Central Mathletes blasted the competition in their first conference meet of the year on September 22nd by winning with 633 points to Lincoln-Way East’s 596 points. The Knights earned 8 first place spots and 2 second place spots out of 15 areas of competition. Outstanding performances were given in the oral competition at the junior/senior level on Exponential and Logarithmic Equations by juniors Alexa Hadley and Ethan Hoff with 38 points out of 50, placing 4th. Also, at the Freshmen/Sophomore level on Equations of Lines by sophomores Jacey Hadley and Lila Hadley with 48 points, placing 2nd. Seniors Brendan Born and Philip Donaghey placed 1st scoring 45 points in the topic of Combinatorics.

First place Knights in the senior topic of Permutations and Probability were Gebran Hammoud, Kadmos Hammoud, Ian Malone, Luke Mostello, and Austin Moy. Placing first in Conic Sections were Andrew Flais, Ryan Flais, Gebran Hammoud, Kadmos Hammoud, Jacob Lask, Austin Moy, Philip Donaghey and Marta Mscisz. Placing first in the Junior topic of Circles were Ethan Hoff, Cooper Koch, Kurt Kreis, Connor McMahon, Michael McNulty and Luke Mullin. The sophomores placed first in the topic of Factoring. Those Knights were Brett Bethke, Jacey Hadley, Lila Hadley, David Latkowski, Sam Starklauf, and Quoc Anh Tran. Additional first place Knights are: Junior/Senior group Gebran Hammoud, Austin Moy, Alexa Hadley, and Connor McMahon; Junior/Senior Calculator team Dominick Braico, Andrew Flais, Ian Malone, Ethan Hoff, Michael McNulty, Alex Culver, and Evan Smith; Freshmen/Sophomore Calculator Brett Bethke, David Latkowski, Jacey Hadley, Charlie Hall, Braden Hoff, Conor Meehan, Lila Hadley, and Marissa Culver.

The Lincoln-Way Central Mathlete President, Andrew Flais, spoke to his team after the contest and stated, “I know that we have homecoming this week, but it is huge that you came here to compete tonight. And great work oralists! You were outstanding!”