The PPS departments present curriculum to all students to support social and emotional learning. Counselors, social workers, and psychologists are available in PPS to work with students on a short-term basis during the school day throughout the school year. Our PPS staff utilizes ReferralGPS to help families connect to resources outside of school.


The PPS office offers prevention and wellness presentations and support throughout the school year. Please contact PPS about additional resources and support for students.

Prevention and Wellness Resources


ReferralGPS Information

Lincoln-Way 210 is committed to creating a culture of well-being of students, staff, parents, and community. In an effort to continuously support this commitment, the district has entered an agreement with ReferralGPS.

 ReferralGPS is a web-based service focused on assisting our students, staff, and community in finding local mental-health and substance use related treatment. The service compliments the district’s existing systems of support as a tool for PPS teams and families to connect with treatment. Along with a searchable database of treatment options, ReferralGPS provides Care Navigation to assist families in triage, appointment setting, and follow up care.

 School families may access ReferralGPS in two ways:

  • Contact Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) – to seek out treatment options (social workers, psychologists, counselors)

 ReferralGPS takes into account all types of private and public insurance including PPO, HMO, Medicaid, Medicare, and families who are uninsured or underinsured. The platform also filters by age, gender, zip code, and special requests.

 ReferralGPS is available for use for free by district students, staff, and families. All information entered on the ReferralGPS tool is completely confidential and securely stored.

 Please note, this service is an optional resource available by choice and is not mandatory in any way. If you are interested in seeking counseling-related services at this time, please consider reaching out to the PPS team or visiting

 When does the school suggest a referral to an outside therapist?

  • When a student's needs require more than the counselor can provide in the school setting.

  • When there are concerns about the student's mental health.

  • When more extensive evaluation or testing is needed.

  • Upon parent or student request.

 Why would the school refer to outside therapists?

  • To provide the student with the opportunity for more one on one support.

  • For more targeted and individualized interventions.

  • For more privacy and confidentiality for the student and their family.

  • To provide the student with a safe place away from the school setting. This is especially helpful in cases where children are being bullied or experiencing other social stressors.

  • To reduce disruption to the student's learning. The school counselor/social worker cannot offer reoccurring meetings in a therapeutic setting at school.

  • To allow for more involvement of the student's parents and/or family in the therapy setting, if necessary.