Seal of Biliteracy Students

250 Lincoln-Way students were honored at a celebration of biliteracy on April 26th.  The event recognized students who earned either the Seal of Biliteracy or the Commendation toward the Seal of Biliteracy, both of which require a high level of skill in English and a second language. 

A love of language and cultural understanding is fostered beginning with the lower-level language courses, and that excitement continues as students progress through their high school career. The Seal is officially acknowledged once a student graduates and helps them to stand out when applying for college, scholarships, and employment. 

By earning the Seal of Biliteracy, a student is demonstrating that they have a proficiency level of “Intermediate High” in 2 languages – English and a second language.  To earn the award, a student must meet requirements in both languages.   

For English, a student must score 480+ on the EBRW (evidence-based reading and writing) portion of the SAT or have a 21+ composite score on the ACT.  

For the second language requirement, a student must earn a 4+ on the AP exam in the language or have an “Intermediate High” composite score on the STAMP exam, which assesses a student’s language skills in listening, reading, speaking, and writing.   

To receive the commendation, the English requirements for this are the same, but the language requirement is a 3+ on the AP exam or “Intermediate Low” on the STAMP exam. 

This recognition is also awarded to English Learner (EL) students who demonstrate a proficiency in English as well as their first language. 

“Getting the Portuguese Seal honors me and the history of my family. I have moved to another country, but I am and will always be Brazilian, and our language is the most powerful thing we have to hold to our culture and who we are,” said Camila Fialho Fontes, a Lincoln-Way Central student who has also earned the Commendation in German. 

We are so proud of all the Lincoln-Way students who were honored at the celebration of biliteracy ceremony. More information about the Illinois Seal of Biliteracy can be found here: