LW210 Music Educator to Serve as State President

Lincoln-Way 210 music educator Stacy Williams-Jackson has been elected by the Illinois Music Education Association (ILMEA) to serve as State President through 2029.

ILMEA is the largest fine arts education organization in Illinois with over 3,500 members and is among the largest fine arts organizations in the nation. 

Williams-Jackson has served ILMEA as District 1 Jazz Representative (2003-2008) and District 1 President (2017-2023). She will now serve as State President-Elect through 2025, State President through 2027, and State Past President through 2029. Her role will be to lead and support the ILMEA Board of Directors in the continued mission of providing high-quailty music education to all Illinois learners.

Stacy has been a music teacher for Lincoln-Way 210 since 1997, and she has served as music department chair for Lincoln-Way Central High School since 2002. She directs the orchestra programs at Lincoln-Way Central and Lincoln-Way West, and has previously taught guitar and music technology. In addition to orchestra and general music, Williams-Jackson created an adaptive music class that continues to be taught throughout the district annually.  After school, Stacy leads the LWC Jazz Band program, is the advisor for the LWC Chapter of the Illinois Music Honor Society, and directs the Lincoln-Way Symphony Orchestra. She was the director of the Lincoln-Way Youth Strings program from 1997-2008, and serves as the producer/director of the annual Lincoln-Way Rock Orchestra each summer.

“I am excited and humbled to be selected by my fellow music educators to serve ILMEA in the capacity as president. Having served the entirety of my career at Lincoln-Way , I have such a deep appreciation for all the ways our administration, students, and community have allowed me to grow professionally over the last twenty-six years. I hope to impart the spirit of servant leadership witnessed daily at Lincoln-Way to my new role as President-Elect of ILMEA.”