Six lincoln-way east students pose for photo at Argonne

Ms. Premo took six Griffins to Argonne's Science Careers in Search of Women (SCSW) conference. During the conference, the girls listened to a keynote speaker and then separated into breakout sessions based on their interests.  During these breakout sessions, they were able to talk to women in their specific fields of interest to learn about different science-based careers.  The students also had an opportunity to tour different areas of Argonne National Lab to see what those careers look like in action.

Read below to see what our students thought about their experience at the conference:

 "Thanks for the opportunity! It was a really cool experience. My favorite part was hearing about all the different experiences of the engineers in our panel." - Madeline Clark-

"Thank you for this opportunity to participate in the conference! It was a really helpful day, and my favorite part was listening to the panel for life sciences and hearing the different research projects each of the panelists worked on throughout their careers and their advice for the future, such as how to reach out for internships." - Shay Parchem

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the opportunity to go to the Women in Stem career day at Argonne!! I got to connect and exchange information with several engineers and learned about majors I never even knew about! I got to learn more about different research opportunities for engineering which made me 100% motivated in pursuing that kind of research. I am so glad I got to be exposed to so many fields and inspiring women. Thank you again!" - Madelyn Dryier

Today was a great day! The opportunity to meet successful women in STEM fields related to mine was mind opening and helped me consider my future career plans. My favorite activity was speaking with a Space Force officer in a field related to mine. It was very informative. Again, thank you for the opportunity! - Victoria Lucarelli

"This was a great way to learn about careers in science that I wasn’t even considering. It was very eye opening in the fact that so many scientists with majors in one specific field were able to branch out into other fields with our having prior knowledge in it. Once again, thank you!" - Liyat Zekarias


"Thank you so much for allowing us to have this opportunity! I really enjoyed touring the Computational Center and seeing the different supercomputers!!! I was able to get contact info from several computer scientists that were willing to give much advice of how I could progress my own interests in computer science. Once again, thank you for providing this amazing opportunity!" - Divya Thumu