Athletes on signing day

The following student athletes participated in winter college signing day, committing to play their sport at the college level after graduation:

Jayden Cook                           Football                                               Kansas State University

Jimmy Curtin                          Football                                               Winona State University

Dylan Drogemuller                 Golf                                                     Drake University

Samantha Fratto                      Lacrosse                                              Campbell University

Jada James                               Volleyball                                            University of Maryland-Baltimore County

James Kwiecinski                   Football                                               University of Dayton

Ava Nepkin                             Volleyball                                            Loyola University (Maryland)

Aubrey O’Neil                        Softball                                               Trinity Christian College

Madison Raske                       Softball                                               Lakeland College

Kelly Raslavicz                       Softball                                               University of Wisconsin-Parkside

DJ Ritter                                 Football                                               Air Force Academy

Congratulations to all!