Heather Novak

Lincoln-Way West Student Activities Coordinator Heather Novak has been recognized as an Outstanding Activity Director for the Illinois Directors of Student Activities (IDSA). This award recognizes individuals who have made exemplary and consistent contributions to the development and implementation of their high school’s student activities programs. The Awards Program is a cooperative effort designed both to honor outstanding members in the Student Activities domain and to promote awareness of the quality of the student activity clubs, programs, and events being provided in Illinois high schools.

The IDSA is a committee that involves student activity directors and sponsors from all over the state. The members put great effort into searching for amazing, dynamic, creative leaders to be saluted and recognized at the annual Awards Banquet and Convention. To be recognized and supported by your peers is the ultimate compliment in the profession of education. Your contributions have proven that you are a skillful and dedicated.

Congratulations on this accomplishment - we are lucky to have you!